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Celiac Walk 2019: A Step in the Right Direction

Celiac disease is a genetic medical condition, where the consumption of gluten causes the patient’s immune system to attack the intestines. This stops the absorption of vital nutrients into their body and causes nutritional deficiencies which can create complications like malnutrition and neurological problems.


Celiac disease affects nearly 3 million Americans as of 2019, with 60-70% of all patients being women. All of these people are consistently at risk of developing long term health complications from Celiac disease. Beyond this, it is predicted that nearly 83% of all Americans with the condition have not been diagnosed. Despite these high prevalence rates, there is no cure for the condition and research efforts are few and far between.


Unless consistent efforts are made to increase awareness of Celiac disease and simultaneously for research efforts, millions of people will go undiagnosed and continue to suffer from the illness.

Step Beyond Celiac 5K Races

Considering the lack of effort from public institutions, it comes down to private organizations to take the step toward raising awareness about health concerns. It may not be a part of their organizational vision to actively participate in matters that affect public health; however, certain individuals are making efforts to raise awareness for celiac disease.


Beyond Celiac is an organization committed to spurring on efforts toward greater Celiac disease awareness, and has been working with Cognizant, to organize the Celiac Walk 2019 as part of the Step Beyond Celiac 5K races. Scheduled to be held in multiple cities across the United States alongside with an online walk inviting all people from the world join in the effort, the Celiac Walk will raise funds for research.


The walks are family events, where anyone can participate with the last held on the 9th of June and the next scheduled for the 24th of October in Dallas.

What is The Purpose of Step Beyond Celiac 5K Races?

Considering the lack of effort toward curing or increasing treatment effectiveness for the celiac disease, Beyond Celiac organizes the 5K races that would raise money toward a research fund for the condition. Participants from across the United States and the globe can contribute to a fund that amounts to a total of $453,600 that will be used to grant research funds toward Celiac Disease.


In this process, Alice Bast, the founder of Beyond Celiac hopes to improve the quality of life of those suffering from celiac disease.

Cognizant about Curing Celiac is an initiative by Randal and Inger Kenworthy to fund research efforts toward curing and managing celiac disease.  Visit the website today for more information on the efforts or to contribute to the Beyond Celiac research fund.

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